(Photo and event information courtesy Ohio State Athletic Department. Event scoring/stats courtesy BirdieFire.com)

(Will has the ‘fist-pump’ of a champion.. as well he should)

As yesterday’s article alluded, the OSUMG team had a pretty good (more on that later) event at the Bearcat Invitational, but Will “The Thrill” Grimmer absolutely stole the show. Don’t believe me (of course you do)? Want to know how he did it? (If you’re a golfer, you’d better) He was consistent; consistent at a high level of play.  Let me “table” this out for you, below:

Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Birdie 4 5 3 12
Par 12 12 12 36
Bogey 2 1 3 6
2X Bogey 0 0 0 0
Sepukku 0 0 0 0


I’m not sure how versed Will is on his Latin or bioethics, but he certainly abided by “Primum non nocere” – do no harm – to his golf score. As you see by the above table, Will had no double bogeys and no scores worse than that (Sepukku). His worse scores were bogey, which are forgivable, and he had few of those.

Consistency? We have consistency. For each round, Will averaged 4 birdies, 12 pars and 2 bogeys. You’ll notice from the table that there wasn’t much variation from round to round. There were no ‘amusement ride’ rounds this week; he played steady golf.

Will also was awarded as Co-B1G Golfer of the Week. His hi level of play did not go unnoticed. Well done, Will, well done.


Team Play

I want to comment on the team’s 3rd round performance. Aside from Will Grimmer’s even par round, the other play was uneven. On their front 9, the team (6 players) averaged 2 bogeys per player; with an average of one birdie (Caleb had an eagle!) per player, this is pretty decent play.

On the back 9, the team averaged 3 bogeys and 1 birdie per player. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but the extra 6 strokes can cost you a tournament.

This was an interesting format on Tuesday, since the 6 Buckeyes went off in consecutive three-somes. The good news is that the two coaches didn’t have to account for players spread over a mile or so of terrain. The bad news is that each coach has activity from three golfers happening in front of him at once.

To complicate matters, golf is not like other sports (I’m thinking football and basketball) in terms of a coach’s capability to intervene. When things start to go south for their teams, Thad and Urban can call a time out and gather the players around them to try to get them back on track. There is no such mechanism in golf. Yes, a coach walks along side and advises a player (which is  huge benefit) but when all the players start to go sideways (holes #11 – #18) there is only so much firefighting a coach can do.

However, it wasn’t all gloom & doom. The Buckeyes did score their 2 eagles (more than any other team) in their final round and they did score nothing worse than bogey, so it wasn’t like things went completely to hell for them.

As I mentioned in the final round recap, there are plenty of coaching points that the team can pick up on this week.


Go Buckeyes!