(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept and Big Ten.. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat.)

The Ohio State Men’s Golf teed it up for the Big Ten Match Play Championship Friday and Saturday.

The Course

The course, Hammock Beach Resort (Palm Coast, FL) was set up at 7,183 yards long and played to a par of 72.

The Format

This is a “travel 8, play 6” match play format. Each school has a travel roster of up to eight players. In terms of play, the matches will be six-on-six. Ohio State (#6 seed) plays Rutgers (#11) in the first match on Friday morning. The first round will be played on Friday, February 10th and the second round on Saturday the 11th.

The Field

The 11 team field consisted of:

Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers.

The Ohio State-Rutgers winner advances to play #3 seed Northwestern in the afternoon round. Here’s the bracket and the draws.

The Buckeyes

The Buckeyes that made the trip to Palm Coast were: Jeg Coughlin III, Clark Engle, Will Grimmer, Jack Mancinotti, Caden Orweiler, Caleb Ramirez, Daniel Wetterich and Josh Wick.

So, there’s the set-up. How’d it go?


Not well. Not well at all. Unlike their basketball counterparts, the Buckeyes lost to Rutgers, 4-2. Jed Coughlin III won his match 3&2 and Caden Orweiler won his 6&5.

Coming up on the short end were: Josh Wick 5&3, Daniel Wetterich 4&3, Will Grimmer 4&2 and heartbreakingly, Jack Mancinotti 1up.

The Buckeyes play Nebraska (4-2 losers to Minnesota) in the consolation bracket, where the bracket winner claims 5th place.

Jeg Coughlin III

Jeg won his match 3&2. Jeg got out of the blocks fast, taking the lead on the 2nd hole (hole #7) then having the match go all square on hole#14 (9th hole of match). Jeg stayed steady and extended the lead, never letting his opponent back into the match. This was a solid, well played round. Well done, Jeg.

Clark Engle

Clark did not play in this match.

Will Grimmer

Will lost his match 4&2. Will had a 1-up lead after 5 holes. The match was tied through seven holes. At that point, the match gradually began to slip away from Will, and he was closed out when, down 3 holes with 3 to play (that’s a very tough situation to be in), matching scores of 4 ending it. Will had simply run out of holes.

Jack Mancinotti

Jack lost his match 1up. Above, I’d mentioned the loss was “heartbreaking”. This was the last match on the course to be decided. If Jack had won this, it would have evened the match at 3-3. However, the real heartbreak was that through 17 holes, the match was even. Through 14 holes, Jack was 1-down; he battled back and kept the match even over the next three holes. He lost the last hole by 1 stroke. Damn. Valiant effort that came up short, but a very good performance by Jack. Good round, young man.

Caden Orwiler

Caden won his match 6&5. In the context of match play, this was a very decisive win. Caden won the first four holes to really set the tone for his match. By closing out his opponent after 13 holes, there were significant parts of the course that Caden didn’t see. That’s a nice position to be in. Great job, Caden.

Caleb Ramirez

Caleb did not play in this match.

Daniel Wetterich

Daniel lost his match 4&3. Daniel played from behind the entire 15 holes. He lost the first hole and just couldn’t get any traction against his opponent. Through 9 holes, he was still only 1-down, but consecutive birdies by his opponent on the next two holes really put Daniel in a tough spot.

Josh Wick

Josh lost his match 5&3. Josh and his opponent were all square through 5 holes, then a series of bogeys by Josh put him in a tough situation. He managed to keep the match alive until losing three straight holes to close out the match.


This was a tough match play loss. Now OSU moves into consolation bracket.  I thought it was interesting that Clark Engle did not tee it up in the morning round. I’m assuming that Coach Moseley gambled by resting Clark in the morning so he’d be fresh against a strong Northwestern team and hope the Buckeyes would get past Rutgers. Well, Clark will be rested for the match against Nebraska.


Go Buckeyes!