Before I go off into a dodgy whine I must extend my congratulations to Coach Pete Hanson and his 1,000 career match in their victory against MIVA top-rival Lewis (25-22, 25-23, 23-25, 14-25, 16-14. The second ranked Buckeyes handed Lewis their third conference loss (17-6, 10-3 MIVA). They are also in “strong” pursuit of their league best 26th regular season championship.

Hanson picked up his 666th win (666-334; 666) (My Goodness, got change that figure ASAP Pete!). The four-time National Coach of the Year increased his MIVA career stats to 290-90 (.763) (Yep! I like those numbers better.)
Ohio State has recorded 20 straight wins in true road matches (last loss in an opponent’s home gym came in 2015). They are also riding a 25-match winning streak versus MIVA opponents.

So congratulations Coach!

Now time for the whine!

The Buckeyes just loss on March 11th to the fifth ranked UC Irvine, 3-0. It was disheartening. But streaks end. Things happen. The Glory also gets a wake up call. The Buckeyes got theirs on the 11th. And, it needs to be noted by a “good” team.

Now – following that loss, the NCAA ranked the Buckeyes second, and moved Long Beach State up to first. There is no intent to discredit the 49ers here in any capacity … though it will undoubtedly be portrayed as such. All well!

First the Buckeyes loss was to the fifth ranked team in the nation – I did mention that, right? And, it was far from joyous. The UC-Irvine team handled the Buckeyes in three-sets. But now the “purpose” of this “debate” ….

The Buckeyes beat Long Beach State back on January 28th, handing them a 3-1 loss. The 49ers also have a loss on January 11th against the Trojans of Southern California. That’s two losses, right? It is also in head to head against the Buckeyes – a loss.

In teams each has beaten in the top 15, the Buckeyes have won against six teams ranked in that spectrum. The 49ers have beaten four, though against UC Irvine, they beat twice.

….is that it? The Buckeyes lost to UC Irvine, and the 49ers beat them twice? Does that matter? Clearly they are in the same league. Oh … it keeps coming back to me … the Buckeyes won against the 49ers on January 28th of this year.

In the last 47 years (since 1970) the Men’s Volleyball Champions have been California based 36 times. Pretty substantial, huh? Is that the seed of biasness?

California surfing mentality? Those wirily “dudes” don’t want the corn-fed, football-blessed Ohio State Buckeyes winning in their niche of prosperity too!

I smell a rat. The rankings here are wrong. There I said it! But the end of the season will show what is right. If I am wrong and the 49ers take it all, or someone else, BYU is 3rd, we shall see. But something is buried in my corn-fed soul that signals towards the righteous of “talent”. I smell a repeat!

If there are any California based readers reading this, I would like to apologize, but wait, why? I only spoke my mind. And, well, I see the NCAA rankings as “fake” news.

The Buckeyes do play again against Fort Wayne (not ranked) on Thursday the 23rd. It will be scheduled on BTN-Plus at 7:00 p.m. Long Beach State meets up with BYU (3rd ranked) for two games in a row – starting Friday the 24th. Hmmmm!