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Several years ago, after being indoctrinated into the mysteries of blogging at The Silver Bullet by Drew and Dave Thurman and Michael Chung, I was fortunate enough to join the staff at The Buckeye Battle Cry.

My mentor (mechanics, style, etc) in the early days at TBBC was Eric Gingrich. He conducted my site orientation and served as my sounding board as I began to ramp up to get the feel of writing articles the right way. I am indebted to Eric for his patience and instruction. He served as my model in style and comportment.

While at TBBC, Eric and I collaborated on quite a few basketball articles; previews, recaps, opinion pieces, etc. He has a keen eye for the game and a sharp style of analysis.

As a side note, I was honored to have been asked to proof-read Eric’s PhD dissertation related to atomic phase control, conductivity, very low temperatures (I can’t remember what all…). If you want an intellectual joy ride, reading PhD level research is highly recommended.

Eric took leave from writing due to the demands of his new profession. Fortunately, we have kept in touch over the years. There have been some recent changes regarding Ohio State basketball, and like any true writer, Eric was stirred to put together an opinion article. Or two. With Eric, once he gets started, just look over his shoulder and enjoy!

With that, I welcome Eric to post his thoughts and analysis on recent changes in the Ohio State men’s basketball coaching staff. I know you’ll enjoy his perspective.

Eric, it’s good to see you again.