(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept and Big Ten.. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of BlueGolf.)

After dusting off Michigan (5-1) and Maryland (4-2) in their Friday matches, Ohio State played Iowa in Saturday’s morning round. In a somewhat bizarre scenario. due to fog delays, all morning matches were scheduled for 9 holes.

In Saturday’s matches, Ohio State relied on solid late round play to win their individual matches. With the 9-hole limit, there was to “late round”. Consequently, Iowa swept Ohio State 6-0, dropping Ohio State from 2nd place in the East to T-3rd with Indiana. Ohio State plays Minnesota in the Saturday afternoon round.

Here’s the event set-up and Friday first and second match recaps.

Here’s the tournament draw for the first three rounds.

The Buckeyes

The Buckeyes that made the trip to Palm Coast were: Josh Wick, Will Grimmer, Daniel Wetterich, Caleb Ramirez, Will Voetsch, Jeg Coughlin III, Caden Orewiler and Kevin Stone.

So, there’s the set-up. How’d it go?


Saturday Morning vs Iowa

The results say the Buckeyes lost 6-0. I guess the question I have is: did the B1G on-site managers have an out of town wedding where they had to flee Saturday night? What was the urgency to have bags packed Saturday?

Here are the individual match results with the losing margins. Will Grimmer 2-down, Will Voetsch 1-down, Caden Orewiler 2&1, Jeg Couglin III 3&2, Daniel Wetterich 1-down and Josh Wick 4&3.

Josh Wick

Josh won’t have to change shirts for the afternoon round; his morning round lasted only 6 holes. He parred his first three holes and was 1-down at that point. Unfortunately, he went over par on is next two holes and had the match closed by Iowa’s Jack Simpson on the following hole. In six holes of play, Josh was +3.

Will Grimmer

Will and his opponent, Matthew Walker matched scores through the first five holes and were all square at that point. However, Walker played the next four holes in -1 to Will’s +2 to close Will out. In 9 holes played, Will was +3 for the day.

Daniel Wetterich

Daniel and Alex Schaake were even par and all square through five holes. After making the turn to the 1st tee, Schaake birdied 3 of the next 4 holes, including the decisive final hole to win the match. Through the 9 holes of play, Daniel was even par.

Caleb Ramirez

Caleb did not play in this match.

Will Voetsch

In the first 7 holes, Will had 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and was all square with Sam Meuret, who had parred his first seven holes. Meuret went 1-up with a birdie on the match’s  526 yard par-5 eighth hole and they both birdied the final hole to close out the match. In the 9 hole holes of play, Will was -1 to par.

Jeg Coughlin III

Jeg played solid enough golf in this match with seven pars. Unfortunately for Jeg, Iowa’s Alex Moorman rattled off three birdies including the match winner on the same par-5 that lost Will Voetsch his match. In 7 holes of play, Jeg was even par.

Caden Orwiler

Caden started slow with bogeys on two of his first three holes and was 3-down through five holes to his opponent, Benton Weinberg. Caden won the next two holes to pull to 1-down with one to play. The final hole was the 526 yard par-5 that had given grief to Will V and Jeg. True to form, Caden lost this hole, and the match. In 9 holes of play, Caden was +2.

Kevin Stone

Kevin did not play in this match.


Not much to say, since the fog delay turned this into a Tuesday work league 9-hole outing. Other than Josh’s match, and maybe Jeg’s, everyone else had a deficit of 1 – 2 holes; certainly surmountable with another nine holes to play.

I guess the takeaway is that Ohio State got off to a slow start when they needed a fast start. In the first few holes of each match, the Buckeyes didn’t make the needed birdies. They didn’t go low enough, soon enough. Particularly on the par-5’s.

Here’s the individual match lineup for this afternoon’s play versus Minnesota.

If I don’t get the Saturday afternoon recap later today, it will be Sunday morning.

Go Buckeyes!