The Ohio State University Men’s Rugby team headed north on Sunday, the 2nd to battle Bowling Green in an in-state challenge for bragging rights. Bowling Green a member of the Mid-American Rugby Conference, and arguably one of the top programs in the Midwest, had intentions of spoiling the season opener for the 18th ranked Buckeyes.

The Buckeyes would score first with a try on a romp by Liam Garven. Bill Bryant of Bowling Green would tie the score shortly thereafter with a try of his won.

The battle of the in-state rivals would muscle on for a spell with no significant blurbs to pass on. The battle, for rugby fans, though was fun to witness. The desire, clear, on both sides was apparent.

Bowling Green would take the lead with another try with a strong sprint by Joe Johnson. At this point, gears would switch, as the Buckeyes mustered the strength to show their abilities, and the show would be dominant Buckeyes.

Within the scoring would be Matthew Strauder, Bryce Frazier, Spencer Krueger, and the winning try came at the hands of Tyler Maul, Junior Flanker, out of Darien, Connecticut.

The Buckeyes now head back to Columbus on the 7th against another in-state rival, the University of Cincinnati. The Bearcats of Cincinnati season’s opener will be the 7th, against the Buckeyes.

There is a whole season before the Buckeyes. But, of note, the Rugby program as increasingly had gotten better over recent years. Just like football, wondrous talent is suddenly in our face, and then the time comes that they move on. Some, of course, more on to bigger and better things in the NFL, while others just fade into memory. It’s the same in Rugby. As the season began, speaking for myself, I found myself saying, “Boy, how we can use Jack Bengel and JoJo Eramo – gone! But, that’s our silliness in the need to have what we had – ignoring the new blood that will deliver as well. And, that, of course, is Matthew Strauder, Liam Garven, Tyler Maul, and Spencer Krueger.

New Blood is in Scarlet and Gray. And understand that’s far from the belief of rebuilding – get a grip folks! Just as I, too, must take a pause, and learn the new names. But as the season progresses, we will learn the names, because they will be plastered in the box scores. As a rugby fan, I must confess I want results today, not yesterday, or tomorrow. As a Buckeye fan I have become accustomed to winning – weaning me from that – I promise will not be this season. I see big things happening at Fred Beekman Park, and elsewhere. The Scarlet and Gray Nation will be proud of these new blood’s – new names – but, grab your ticker and click it each week as the wins will climb.

#18? I predict that will climb into at least the top ten prior to season’s end.

Oh! I think I fell to mention the Buckeyes beat Bowling Green 27-12.

Just an arrogant Buckeye spiraling off into our greatness and ignoring ……