It’s January in Buffalo. That means we’re looking at ~12″ of snow, single digit temperatures and double digit wind speeds. It also means we’re living vicariously with a Fireside Chat about golf with Ohio State’s Director of Golf and Women’s coach, Therese Hession. Coach Hession graciously took time from her inter-season work, recruiting in this case, to answer a a couple questions about the upcoming Spring Schedule, the 24th Northrup Grumman Regional Challenge, hosted by Ohio State, and a quick projection at the 2019-2020 team.


The Fall Schedule was an exercise of Life Without Jaclyn, which happened sooner rather than later. Is the Spring Schedule going to put more onus on upperclassmen (Niki, Adeena, Alex) or is it pretty much “go out there and play your game”?


We are definitely hopeful that the upper class men will step up.  We do have 2 mid year enrollees that should have an impact on the lineup – Aneka Seumanutafa and Skylar Thompson who is transferring in from the University of South Carolina.  Freshman Lauren Peter learned a lot this fall as well as Yukie Sasaki who transferred to OSU from Houston.  I am very excited about coaching these players and see who will step up!


This February will be the 24th year of hosting the Northrup Grumman Regional Challenge. After nearly a quarter century, this event never gets old, does it? Do the participants, and Buckeyes specifically, understand the context of an event that has been running longer than they’ve been alive?

I don’t think the players really understand what an longtime relationship we have built up with the club.  It is remarkable what Palos Verdes Golf Club has done for Women’s Collegiate golf.  The continued support from Northrop Grumman allows this to be a premier event in the country.  I am just so very grateful we can put on a ‘NCAA Preview’ and have the opportunity to compete with many of the absolute best teams in the country.


Looking ahead to 2019-2020, in contrast to Jay’s/Brad’s total makeover, your situation may be more fine tuning. In preparation for next year, do you assign the leadership responsibilities at the end of this season, or is this something that happens organically?


It will be most interesting to see what happens after Niki graduates.  I am not exactly sure which way we will go with the leadership next year, but my hunch will be ‘by committee’!  We have lots of work to do this spring and the goal of competing at the NCAA Championship in Fayetteville.


Now, I’m really looking forward to Spring Schedule. See you in a couple weeks at the Northrup Grumman Regional Challenge in (much) warmer Palos Verdes, CA.

On a personal note, evidently I was “just good enough” to score head-covers and a towel from Santa. Go Buckeyes.