(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept, Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat.com.)

The Buckeyes are in Columbus to host, for the 39th year, the Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational.

The Course

The Scarlet Course at OSU Golf Club is set up at 6,319 yards long and plays to a par of 72.

The Format

This is  “play 6, count 4” format. This gives teams a bit more wiggle room in the scoring.

The Schedule

Saturday April 13th is 36 holes with tee times beginning at 8:30 am, followed by afternoon round teeing off at 2:00 pm. Or so. (This is going to be a long, tiring day. This is a young person’s schedule.)

Saturday, April 14th is a single round (18 holes) with shotgun start at 8:30 am.

The Field

The 12 team field and their Golfstat rankings:

#30 Illinois, *Indianapolis, #11 Kent State, #53 Maryland, #68 Michigan, #20 Michigan State, #106 Minnesota, #88 Nebraska, #56 Ohio State, #82 Rutgers, #98 Seton Hall, #96 Toledo

‘* Indianapolis University is a DII school. It’s women’s golf team is defending national champion.

The Buckeyes

  1. Yukie Sasaki | So.
  2. Aneka Seumantufa | Fr.
  3. Niki Schroeder | Sr.
  4. Skylar Thompson | Fr.
  5. Lauren Peter | Fr.
  6. Adeena Shears | Jr.
    Ind. Alex Wright | Jr.
    Ind. Sofia Seldemirova | So.
    Ind. Alanis Sakuma | So.

That’s the set-up. How’d it go?


Ohio State had a team total of 897 (+33) to finish in 6th place. Their three rounds were 293 (+5), 298 (+10) and 306 (+18). The final round score was a bit high, but the round was played in wet, windy conditions – not at all conducive to good scoring. Only three teams broke a team score of 300 on the final round, and two of them barely. Good scores were hard to come by on Sunday.

Lauren Peter shot a three round total of 220 (-4) to lead the Buckeyes. Aneka Seumanutafa shot a 224 (+8), Niki Schroeder a 227 (+11), Skylar Thompson a 232 (+16), Adeena Shears a 233 (+17) and Yuki Sasaki a 236 (+20).

In Individual play, Alanis Sakuma shot a 232 (+16), Sofia Seldemirova a 233 (+17) and Alex Wright a 244 (+28).

Buckeye Scores

Pos Par 72 Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
6 Lady Buckeye 293 298 306 897
T-51 Yukie Sasaki 80 74 82 236
T-13 Aneka Seumanutafa 73 75 76 224
T-23 Niki Schroeder 75 75 77 227
T-37 Skylar Thompson 77 74 81 232
T-6 Lauren Peter 71 77 72 220
T-35 Adeena Shears 74 75 84 233
69 Alex Wright (I) 85 74 85 244
T-41 Sofia Seldemirova (I) 77 76 80 233
T-37 Alanis Sakuma (I) 76 77 79 232
  Team to Par 5 10 18 33


Yuki had rounds of 80-74-82-236 (+20). It’s hard to read too much into her opening round. She played 17 of the holes in +3, so not bad. Unfortunately, she had a quintuple-bogey on the par 5, 4th hole. Since it was early in the round, that pretty much knocked Yuki out of team scoring for the day.

Her second round was a much cleaner effort of 3 birdies and 5 bogeys. Yukie’s final round was probably weather induced, so you can’t get too concerned. Yukie had 5 birdies in the tournament and 31 pars.


Aneka had rounds of 73-75-76-224 (+8).  Aneka tooled around the opening round with 4 birdies and 5 bogeys. Her second round had 3 bogey and 15 pars, so 28 of her first 36 holes were par or better. Her final round actually had 13 holes at par or better, but a triple bogey on the par-5 4th hole didn’t help any.

Overall, Aneka averaged 3.08, +1 on the par-3s (T-13th) and 4.17, +5 on the par-4s (T-11). Aneka had 7 birdies in the tournament, tied for 2nd most of the Buckeyes. She had 34 pars, also 2nd most for the Buckeyes.


Niki had rounds of 75-75-77-227 (+11). Niki’s opening round was pretty straightforward; 1 birdie, 4 bogeys and 13 pars. That’s quite a few holes at par or better and nothing higher than bogey. A solid round for Niki.

On her second round, Niki had 2 birdies which offset a double on the 11th hole, and 12 more pars. Again, 14 holes at par or better. Her final round was a bit “stringy”. Niki strung together five consecutive pars followed by four consecutive bogeys followed by two consecutive birdies. Golf can be a momentum game.

Niki averaged 3.00 (E) on the par-3s to place T-6th overall and averaged 4.67 (-4) on the par-5s to place T-2nd. Niki had 5 birdies for the tournament and her 34 pars were 2nd most of any Buckeye and T-15 overall.


Skylar had rounds of 77-74-81-232 (+16). She opened with runs of 4 consecutive birdies on the front side and 5 consecutive on the back nine for a decently played opening round. Her second round featured 3 birdies (incl back to back on #12-#13) and a well played 18. Skylar’s final round got a bit choppy with a handful of bogeys and 2 doubles, but considering the playing conditions, she kept things together.

Skylar averaged 5.00 (E) on the par-5s to place T-16 overall. She had 5 birdies and 30 pars for the tournament. Skylar had 5 birdies and 30 pars.


Lauren had rounds of 71-77-72-220 (+4). In the opening nine, Lauren finished her back nine with 4 birdies and a -3 side. In the second round, she played the back nine in +1. In the dicey weather of the final round, she had 2 birdies and -1 for the nine holes. On a day where the average score was 78.5, Lauren’s 72 was truly impressive.

In the Tar Heel Classic recap, I wrote:

This is Lauren’s first top-10 finish. Her recent consistency is almost to the point where  you can write her into your lineup and not have to worry too much.

I’m certainly not worried.

Lauren averaged 2.92 (-1) on the par-3s to lead the Buckeyes and finish T-4th overall. She averaged 4.13 (+4) on the par-4s to also lead the Buckeyes and finish T-6th overall. Her 8 birdies led the Buckeyes and were T-4th overall and her 35 pars led the Buckeyes and were T-8th overall. Lauren had of hell of a tournament.


Adeena had rounds of 74-75-82-231 (+15).  Adeena had an interesting tournament. In of her 5 of her 6 “nines”, she averaged less than 1.5 strokes over par, 37.4 strokes. That is some really good consistency. The “blip” was the opening nine on the final round. Amazingly, she bounced back and played the back nine in +2 in pretty testy conditions.

Adeena had 7 birdies (tied for 2nd on the team) and 27 pars.

Individual Play


Alanis had rounds of 76-77-79-232 (+16). Her opening round had 3 birdies and no score higher than a bogey enroute to her 76. Her second round had 13 holes that were par or better, so again, not too bad. In her final round, she was +1 in her opening nine, but struggled coming into the clubhouse with a +6 on her back nine.

In three of her six nines, Alanis had scores of 36,36 and 37, so there were stretches of good scoring. Alanis had 7 birdies in the tournament, tied for second most for a Buckeye. She had 28 pars.


Sofia had rounds of 77-76-80-233 (+17). Her opening round had 2 birdies and 13 holes of par or better.  For 17 of the holes, she was +2, so if not for a triple bogey, this was a good round. In her final round, Sofia had 12 pars, but two double bogeys stalled her round.

Overall, Sofia was tied for 22nd spot in par 3 scoring (3,17, +2) and T-9 in par 5 (4.92, -1). Sofia had 5 birdies in the tournament. Sofia had 32 pars.


Alex had rounds of 85-74-85-244 (+28). Despite 3 birdies in her opening round, she couldn’t overcome multiple double and triple bogeys. Her second round (2 birdies, 4 bogeys) was a much cleaner round. I’ll chalk up the final round to weather conditions, but 4 double bogeys didn’t help. Alex had 6 birdies in the tournament, 5th most for a Buckeye. Alex had 25 pars.


Stats & Stuff

The Buckeyes played the par-3s to an average of 3.183, +11 to par, ranking them 4th. They played the par-4s to 4.36, +54 to par, ranking them 8th. They played the par-5s to 5.08, +5 to par, ranking them 6th.

Below is a frequency table of how the Buckeyes scored, such as number of birdies, number of pars, etc. This is for team play only, it does not reflect Individual scores. These numbers are higher than shown by Golfstat. I went round-by-round for all six players competing as a team.  I’m not sure what Golfstat used as a filter.

Round Eagle Birdie Par Bogey +2 +3 +5
1 0 16 61 30 0 0 1
2 0 12 68 26 2 0 0
3 0 10 57 32 6 3 0
Total 0 38 186 88 8 3 1

The higher number of “bad” holes in the 3rd round is not surprising, considering the weather conditions.


This was actually a pretty good showing by Ohio State. The weather induced higher third round scores and playing in the mid-west, this will be something the younger players will learn to deal with. In last year’s event, cancelled after the second round, the Buckeyes were in 7th place of 14 teams with a two round aggregate of 598. This year, through two rounds, Ohio State was in 3rd place with a 591 team score. The 7 stroke improvement year-on-year is a good trend.

Up Next

The Big Ten Championship in Cincinnati, OH. The event is scheduled from Friday, April 19 through Sunday April 21.

Go Buckeyes!