The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, TN took place yesterday – the 25th of April – with a few surprises … but no real shocker – at least as I see it.

The Buckeyes sent two players off to the NFL family in the first round. Now having two players picked in the first is commendable – not quite the 2016 draft when five Buckeyes went in the first. Not even the 2017 draft when they sent off three players in the first. But a consistency seems to be forming here – because in the 2018 draft two Buckeyes went in the first – as is what happened here yesterday.

Nick Bosa, as expected went 2nd overall to the San Francisco 49ers. Dwayne Haskins, with a twist, didn’t go as high as he had been projected in the Mock drafts – but those are so often wrong outside of the first, and perhaps the 2nd overall. Many had him going to the Giants, even Miami, even Cincinnati. At the end – he went to Washington.


The Buckeyes star DE/DL is heading West as expected – to the same coast his brother Joey is now calling his professional home. The 49ers in need of some defensive help was more than happy to give him his NFL opportunity. Over the Years as a Buckeye Nick showed the football world that he is in fact more than prepared for the big-time. At 6-4, weighing in at 263 pounds, he certainly has the frame to play in the NFL. His speed and strength have been called “freakish” and he loves the term: “Freakish?” He once responded to the compliment. “I love that being said about me. Makes me proud of why that’s being said.”

In 2016 as a Freshman in 12 games he had 29 total tackles, 17 of which were solo, seven for a loss, and five sacks. In his Sophomore year of 2017, Nick played in 14 games, having a total of 34 tackles, 19 of which were solo, and 16 for a loss. This past season, 2018, his Junior year, Nick played in only 3 games due to an injury, he had 14 total tackles, 11 were solo, six for a loss, and one fumble recovery for a TD. His Junior season was shortened due to a core muscle injury that required surgery. The smell of money solidified his decision to leave Columbus and heal from his surgery and prepare for the NFL draft.

The Bosa family share an interesting fact with the Manning family (Archie, Peyton, and Eli). Both had the father and two sons drafted in the first round of the NFL. The Manning’s offensively, naturally – the Bosa’s on the dark side of the ball.

Nick’s past suddenly popped up prior to the draft. As a younger player (high school level) he found twitter and Facebook, and the need to like racist and homophobic posts back in 2014 – of which has stormed back recently. The whole social media era has people thinking their nonsense is important to express – Nick apparently fell for this idiocy as well. We witness the level of destruction in this arena – and it is everywhere – unavoidable – even from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But hopefully Nick is truly sorry as he has professed.  We wish him well, as we do for all Buckeyes.


All reports had Haskins as the best quarterback in this draft. Though, Arizona didn’t seem so, as they took Kyler Murray from Oklahoma as the number one overall. The Giants, too, who many projected as the landing spot for Haskins. But they found that the project Haskins, as many has predicted, would be – decided to go with Duke’s Daniel Jones. I heard all the explanations today on talk radio here in NYC as to why they took Jones over Haskins – specify because they have deemed that Jones was NFL ready now … which to me does not project confidence in Manning, but who am I? I root for the Bengals – and that lacks any credibility.

Haskins in the two years that he has played at OSU has gone like this: In 2017 – in eight games he had 57 attempts with 40 completions, equaling 70.2 % for 565 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception. He didn’t get much play – remember JT?

Then in 2018 he exploded. In 14 games Haskins threw for 533 attempts, 373 were completed, a 70% completion rating, with an impressive 4, 831 yards, 50 Touchdowns, and a mere 8 interceptions. Pretty good, huh?

So why did he last until the 15th pick and the Redskins? All reports that I have read indicate that teams in need of a Quarterback wasn’t so eager for the project that everyone was thinking Haskins will be – one scout I read from Cincinnati had said Haskins has a heavy foot (meaning he jumps back into the pocket and plants his back foot heavy – leading to greater possibilities to injuries). But can’t stopping that be taught? I suppose that constitutes “a project”. But I just cannot rid my head of it coming from a Bengals scout – enough said I kept saying to myself.

Anyway, I feel that the Nation’s Capital is a good spot for Dwayne. He can learn behind Case Keenum and be ready in 2020. Who knows? Let’s just hope that the ‘Skins do not rush him.

I have just noticed that in the third the Redskins took Terry McLaurin, WR. That’s good. I like that. These two have a relationship already and it can continue in D.C. I think I have suddenly become a Redskins fan.

I’ll stop for now before I begin to ramble. But two in the first. This is good thus far for Buckeye’s Nation.