(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept, Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat.com.)

Aneka Seumanutafa wrapped up a pretty damned impressive freshman year with a T-29th finish in stroke play at the NCAA Championships. She had rounds of 78-73-76-227 (+8). That’s a pretty strong tournament for someone who was playing high school golf a year ago. Here’s another way I looked at it. Jennifer Kupcho (Wake Forest) finished 1 stroke ahead of Aneka. I consider Kupcho to be the bellwether of NCAA golf, so for Aneka to finish one stroke off her pace, is quite an accomplishment.

Aneka’s round-by-round is below, and as you can see, after about an hour of play, she settled into some really good golf. Her bane the last two rounds was the 160 yard par-3 13th hole. It accounted for half of her “over par” strokes. Other than  couple “uh-ohs’s” on #13, Aneka acquitted herself very well in her first NCAA championship.

Below is the hole-by hole for her three rounds. Really, other than the stumble on her 10th hole in the opening round, hole #1, and the adventures at hole #13, Aneka played some really good golf.

Screenshot (98)


Aneka averaged 3.25 (+3) on the par-3s, 4.22 (+6) on par-4s and 4.90 (-1) on par-5s. She had 9 birdies and 32 pars. With her 10 bogeys, for 51 of 54 holes, Aneka was +1 to par. That is really good golf.

Local Golf

Well, I finally got my golf season underway on Monday. Fortunately it was at a fund raising scramble format, so off-season “rust” was somewhat disguised. It was a good practice round for me to ease into the season, since “scramble” golf is not “real” golf. Numerous Rules of Golf are broken in this format. to whit:

  • Rule 13.1 Ball Played as It Lies. No, we move it around within a club-length.
  • Rule 13.2 Improving Lie, et al. See above, there’s a lot of ball-rolling involved.
  • Rule 15.1 Substituted Ball. We’ve been known to tee off with a low-spin ball, then switch to a higher spin ball for approach shots.
  • Rule 1.3 Agreement to Waive Rules. See all above.
  • Rule 6.7 Undue Delay; Slow Play. The round took six. goddamned. hours.

Today, Wednesday, I worked in 9 holes of walk/carry golf. I got what I wanted out of the round. I think I made steps to correct a few flaws identified on Monday, got a bit of exercise to get into ‘game shape’ and actually played a few holes pretty well. Golf 2109 is afoot!

Up Next

The OSUMG is in Blessing Golf Course in Fayetteville, AR for the NCAA Championships from May 24 – 29.

Go Buckeyes!.