(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat)

The Buckeyes are in Fayetteville, AR for the NCAA Championships. Here is the setup and round one recap. Here is round two recap. Here is round three recap.

Format: The familiar “play 5, count 4” with teams also fielding players to participate as Individuals.

Field: The 14 team field, below, and their GolfStat Top 50 rankings.

Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, BYU, California, Clemson, Duke, Georgia, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Liberty, Louisville, LSU, North Carolina, North Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Pepperdine, SMU, Stanford, South Carolina, Southern California, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, UNLV, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest

Ohio State lineup

1. Daniel Wetterich
2. Will Grimmer
3. Caleb Ramirez
4. Will Voetsch
5. Laken Hinton

Alt. Kevin Stone

Note: The NCAA has recently authorized teams to bring a 6th player as an alternate to be used as a substitution at the coach’s discretion. Kevin is the “6th man”.


The Buckeyes were in neutral, well not quite, with a final round score of 306 (+18). Ohio State was three strokes out of the top eight teams at the start of the round and finished five strokes out of match play. Their four round total of 1,201 (+48) placed Ohio State in 13th place.

They began their round on the 10th hole and by the time they made the turn coming off #18, their team score for the nine was +14 and they could start booking their flight back to Columbus. Their team score on the back nine was +2, a pretty impressive score and a great way to end the season on a somewhat positive note. They worked through the opening nine gore and performed at a high level in their final nine of the tournament.

In round four, the Buckeyes were led by Daniel Wetterich with 74 (+2) and Laken Hinton with a 75 (+3). Caleb Ramirez had a 77 (+5) and Will Voetsch an 80 (+8) to complete team scoring. Will Grimmer became a member of the “80 Club” with an 81 (+9) to complete Ohio State play.


This was another exasperating round. They began the round well within striking distance of the top-8. The dream blew up in the first two hours of play. Encouragingly, they did mount a bit of a rally on their homeward nine with some superb golf, but the front nine miscues were too hard to overcome.

In terms of the season, I have a lot of ambivalence. They did perform very well in the Regionals to get to the Championships. In a sense, they “over-performed” by making fourth round play as, has been stated elsewhere, the lowest ranked team. True enough, but that doesn’t tell the entire story; there were two other teams in the Championship who were not ranked at all, one of them went on to make the match-play portion. Ohio State performed very well in the first two rounds in Fayetteville, but faded coming down the stretch. Yes, there were a lot of teams ranked much higher than Ohio State playing, but then the Buckeyes had a senior-laden lineup. You are going to set yourself up for elation and satisfaction or disappointment, no matter how you cut it. Perhaps, both.

Nonetheless, Ohio State should be proud they made the NCAA Championships and were very close to qualifying for the match-play portion. By any measure, this was a successful season.

Screenshot (105)

Even though the team and player finishing position is entered on GolfStat website, on the OSU Athletics web page and in the table below, you need to take these numbers with toxic levels of salt. These standings are for player whose teams advanced to round four play. For example, Will Voetsch is listed to have finished T-79. Nope, he did not. Through three rounds, Will was T-129th. No way in hell is he shooting a final round 80 and moving up 50 spots.  Daniel’s final placement is probably legitimate, but below that – no.

Buckeye Scoring

Pos NCAA Champ Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total To Par
13 Team 297 296 302 306 1201 49
T-53 Will Grimmer 72 78 72 81 303 15
T-19 Daniel Wetterich 71 74 74 74 293 5
T-68 Caleb Ramirez 77 73 81 77 308 20
T-79 Will Voetsch 77 81 78 80 316 28
T-43 Laken Hinton 77 71 78 75 301 13
To Par 9 8 14 18 49

As you might expect on an extremely difficult course, there was some interesting scoring. Daniel had only 1 double bogey and no tripe bogeys, which explains his superb consistency and top-20 finish. Laken and Will G each had 5 doubles and a triple, but Laken had a few less bogeys in his sojourn. Caleb furnished a solid 2nd round in his weekend, but Will V just wore himself out.

Daniel contributes to team score 4 times, Laken 3 2/3 times, Will G 3 times, Caleb 2 2/3 times and Will V 2 2/3 times. So, all in all, this was a pretty balanced team effort.


Hole By Hole Scoring

Screenshot (106)


The Buckeyes began play on hole #10.


Daniel opened his round with two bogeys, then played his next seven holes in -1 to keep hopes alive with a 37 (+1) at the turn. A birdie on #1 got him to level par for the round and he finished his final four holes in even par for a back nine of 37 (+1) and a well-played round of 74 (+2).

For the tournament, Daniel averaged 3.00 (E)) on the par-3s, 4.15 (+6) on the par-4s and 4.94 (-1) on the par-5s. He had 1 eagle, 10 birdies and 45 pars.

Will G

Will just never got his game going. He opened with a triple bogey, then went birdie-par to smooth tings out a bit. It didn’t last long – 5 bogeys of the next six holes got Will to the turn at 43 (+7) and pretty much took him out of team scoring. He got back into the mix with an eagle on the 617 yard par-5 2nd hole, then gave it back with back to back double bogeys. Will played his final four holes in level par for a nine of 38 (+2) and a round of 81 (+9).

Will averaged 3.06 (+1) on the par-3s, 4.30 (+12) on the par-4s and 5.13 (+2) on the par-5s. Will had 1 eagle, a team high 14 birdies and 33 pars.


Caleb was +3 through four holes then played the next five in +1 to make the turn in 40 (+4). It wasn’t bad, but he needed to go lower. Indeed he did. Two birdies on his back nine gave him a 37 (+1) and a round of 77 (+5).

Caleb averaged 3.25 (+4) on the par-3s, 4.43 (+17) on the par-4s and 4.94 (-1) on the par-5s. Caleb had 13 birdies and 35 pars.

Will V

Will opened play with a birdie, then thing went immediately to hell. A double bogeyed, followed by four bogeys, another double and another bogey found Will at the turn at 44 (+8). Will triaged the patient with a back nine of 3 birdies, 3 pars and 3 bogeys for a nine of 36 (E) and a round of 80 (+8).

Will averaged 3.19 (+3) on the par-3s, 4.65 (+26) on the par-4s and 4.94 (-1) on the par-5s.  Will had 10 birdies and 33 pars.


Laken birdied #15 to get his opening nine to +1 through six holes. He did have a mid-round speed bump. A double bogey on #18 got him to the turn at 39 (+3) and a triple bogey on #1 immediately put him at +3 on the nine and +6 for the round. Laken came up with some clutch play as he birdied three of the next four holes and finished his round with four consecutive pars. His back nine of 36 (E) gave him  round of 75 (+3).

Laken averaged 3.00 (E) on the par-3s, 4.38 (+15) on the par-4s and 4.88 (-2) on the par-5s. Laken had 10 birdies and a team high 46 pars.

Stats & Stuff

Through the four rounds of stoke play, Ohio State played the par-3s in 3.10 (+16). They played the par-4s in 4.38 (+76) and the par-5s in 4.96 (-3). Overall, they finished 5th in par-3 scoring, T-26th in par-4 scoring and T-20th in par-5 scoring

Through 72 holes, they had 2 eagles (T-5th, overall), 57 birdies (T-9th) and 192 pars (T-10th).

Here’s how the scoring broke out for Ohio State on Friday.

  Eagle Birdie Par Bogey +2 +3
1 1 16 47 20 6 0
2 0 15 50 19 5 1
3 0 12 54 16 8 1
4 1 14 42 25 6 2
Total 2 57 193 80 25 4

The tell of the tale was in double and triple bogeys; when it went bad, it went really bad. Here’s an example: unranked SMU finished in 8th place with a score of +44 to par while Ohio State finishes in 13th with a score of +49 to par. SMU had 15 double bogeys and 8 triple bogeys, going +54 to par on those holes. Ohio State had 25 doubles and 4 triples, going +62 to par. That 8 stroke differential was enough to allow SMU to advance to match play and OSU not.

Up Next

Next Season.

Go Buckeyes!