(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat)

The Ohio State Women’s Golf (OSUWG) team opened it’s Fall schedule at the Glass City Invitational at the fabled Inverness Club in Toledo. OH. Finally, collegiate golf is underway.

Course: Inverness is set up at 6,249 yards, playing to par 72. I’d guess its course rating is 71.7 with a slope of 135. My home course, with yardage of 6,412 is a par 71 with a rating of 70.2 and a slope of 113. With my Index of 10.9, I’d get 13 strokes at Inverness compared to 11 at my home course. I’m confident I’d need every one of Inverness’ 13 strokes.

Schedule: Thirty-six  holes on Monday followed by 18 holes on Tuesday.

Format: The familiar “play 5, count 4” with teams also fielding players to participate as Individuals.

Field: This is a 13 team field, below.

Baylor University, Coastal Carolina, Florida, Furman, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, South Florida, Texas A&M, Toledo and Wisconsin

Ohio State lineup

1. Aneka Seumanutafa | So.
2. Lauren Peter | So.
3. Yukie Sasaki | Jr.
4. Skylar Thompson | So.
5. Adeena Shears | Sr.
Ind. Sofia Seldemirova | Jr.
Ind. Alanis Sakuma | Jr.


The Buckeyes finished in 8th place with a three round aggregate score of 307-299-293 = 899 (+35). The team got off to a rocky start in their opening round and couldn’t break the “Mendoza Line”* but showed round over round improvement. Although the final standing probably wasn’t as high as the team wanted, the steady improvement was encouraging.

After the first round, Ohio State was +19 to par which placed them in 12th place. In the second round, they were +11 which moved them up to 10th place. In the third round, they were which placed them in 8th place.

The Buckeyes were led by Skylar Thompson’s three round total of xxx (+x). Aneka Seumanutafa  had a xxx (),  Lauren Peter a 75 (+4), Adeena Shears a and Yukie Sasaki a 76 (+5).

Competing as Individuals, Sofia Seldemirova shot a 72 (+1) and Alanis Sakuma a 77 (+6).

After the first round, Aneka and Sofia are T-8 in the 84 player field. Lauren is T-17, Niki and Yuki are T-30, Skylar T-41 and Adeena T-54.

‘* From what I’ve seen over the years, my rule of thumb is that a team score needs to be under 300 to have a decent round. If the score was over 300, the round wasn’t very good. Subject to course and weather conditions, of course.

Buckeye Scoring

Glass City Invitational Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total To Par
Team 307 299 293 899 35
Aneka Seumanutafa 77 75 71 223 7
Lauren Peter 75 75 77 227 11
Yukie Sasaki 83 78 79 240 24
Skylar Thompson 77 71 73 221 5
Adeena Shears 78 78 72 228 12
Alanis Sakuma (I) 84 76 77 237 21
Sofia Seldemirova (I) 82 81 75 238 22
  19 11 5 35



Skylar led the Buckeyes with rounds of 77-71-73-221 (+5). She placed T-15th in the 80 player field.  She was one of a handful of players to card an eagle, so well done, Skylar. She also had 7 birdies and a team high 35 pars. Skylar averaged 3.00 on the par 3s, 4.06 on the par 4s and 5.33 on the par 5s.


Aneka had rounds of 77-75-71 = 223 (+7) to place T-24th. She tied for team high (Lauren) with 8 birdies and had 34 pars. Aneka averaged 3.00 on the par 3s, 4.26 on the par 4s and 4.78 on the par 5s.


Lauren shot 75-75-77 = 227 (+11) to place T-40th. She had team high (tie with Aneka) 8 birdies and 30 pars. Lauren averaged 2.89 on the par 3s, 4.33 on the par 4s and 5.00 on the par 5s.


Adeena shot 78-78-72 = 228 (+12) to place T-46th. She had 7 birdies and 33 pars. Adeena averaged 3.11 on the par 3s, 4.18 on the par 4s and 5.11 on the par 5s.


Yuki had a rough event with rounds of 83-78-79 = 240 (+24) to place T-72nd. She had 3 birdies and 29 pars. Yuki averaged 3.56 on the par 3s, 4.47 on the par 4s and 5.22 on the par 5s.

Alanis (I)

In Individual play, Alanis shot 84-76-77 = 237 (+21) to place T-66th. She had 3 birdied and 31 pars. Alanis averaged 3.67 on the par 3s, 4.33 on the par 4s and 5.33 on the par 5s. (Actually, finishing +3 on the par 5s was quite an accomplishment. She was +5 (yikes!) in her 1st round, -2 in 2nd round and level par in 3rd round on the par 5s.). Nice recovery.

Sofia (I)

Sofia had rounds of 82-81-75 = 238 (+22) to place T-69th. She had 3 birdies and 30 pars. Sofia averaged 3.00 on the par 3s, 4.50 on the par 4s and 5.44 on the par 5s.


Note: the scoring stats in the following two paragraphs are for team play only. Individual play stats are not included.

Ohio State played the par 3’s to an average of 3.11 strokes, +5 to par, which ranked them T-6th in that category. They played the par-4’s to 4.28, +50 to par, ranking 10th. The par-5’s were played to 5.09, +4 to par, ranking them 8th.

Below is the score-to-par table. You can see that as the tournament progressed, they had more holes of “par or better” per round. It was good to see them settle in after the opening round.

Round Eagle Birdie Par Bogey +2 +3
1 0 9 51 22 7 1
2 1 9 56 20 4 0
3 0 15 54 15 6 0
Total 1 33 161 57 17 1

This wasn’t a bad way to begin the Fall schedule for the Buckeyes. The opening round was a bit disappointing, but their final round score was 4th best in the field and only 6 strokes (which isn’t much) out of the medal score for the round.

Ohio State’s 33 birdies placed them 8th in the field and their 161 pars, T-7th. I did expect to see some ragged play in spots for the season opener, it’s going to happen. I was satisfied to see the large numbers of birdies and pars. Since their play improved round over round, this is a solid base for the next event.

One final thing on their final round. Their team score for the back nine was a crisp +1. If the previous 5 “nines” were played at the same level, they would have tied for first place. I know, “if if if”, but in an early season event, this is a good instruction point for the team.

Up Next

The Buckeyes travel to Chicago for the Windy City Collegiate. The event is scheduled for Monday September 30th and Tuesday October 1st.

Go Buckeyes!