The Buckeyes came home to battle a *ichigan State Spartans team that was hell-bent on delivering an upset.

The game started off with the Buckeyes offense firing off six plays with a result of only -4 yards. The defense managed to deliver the beginning thrills with two dramatic turnovers by both Zach Harrison and Cormontae Hamilton.

Justin Fields would go on after a slow start, throw for two touchdown passes and ran for another score, J.K. Dobbins rushed for 172 yards and a touchdown as the 4th ranked Buckeyes sidestepped a slow start to “own” (is that wrong to say?) the 25th ranked Spartans of the State up North.

The Buckeyes (6-0, 3-0 Big Ten) had to work, finagle, and some how learn on the fly on the stingy Spartans Defense – especially after their first four starts against teams that they blew out in the first half. They gained just 16 yards on 16 plays in the first quarter, but the second quarter was another tale – in a 24 point move to make their statement.

The Spartans are now 4-2 overall and 2-1 in the Big Ten.

Dobbins hit each hole for a total of 24 times, averaging 7.2yards per carry for a tota1 – one touchdown – adding an electrifying 67-yard breakaway for his touchdown for the night and bringing a slow-hush reference Heisman-possibilities forward. Am I crazy?

Fields finished 17 for 25 for 206 yards and threw an interception for the first time in his first 175 pass attempts as a Buckeye. He also was sacked three times – twice by *ichigan State linebacker Joe Bachie.

The Spartans Brian Lewerke hit 20 for 38 for 218 yards and a touchdown – nothing to sneeze at. But he also missed some that could have changed the moment’s “moment” – if you are with me – and who knows what may have happened. But he missed those passes I speak of – and for that I, personally, am thankful.

A Final Deduction:

*ichigan State: They gave the Buckeyes their first real test of the season but were not capable of staying up with this fast and motivated team. Their offense did have some moments of fear for Buckeyes fans and a thrill for Spartans fans – but just did not find the end zone in those moments. The Buckeyes defense deserves the credit for this. Bachie for the Spartans deserves notice. He had a great game, finishing with 11 tackles and a pair of sacks.

The Ohio State University: The Spartans pushed Fields way out of his comfort zone, chasing him around and forcing his first interception. He did respond positively (in most cases – putting on display his coolness). Dobbins is Dobbins, and he’s good, as he was here in this game – for sure.  I personally think the Defense was the headline here in this one – though the elasticity of the offense and its stars will dictate another tale. Who am I to jam another illustration than whatever was seen.

Doubtful there’ll be any changes in the upper portion of the polls – and that includes the Buckeyes. Keep in mind, the voters all saw upset possibilities here in this one. Now they need to bite (not a big one – that wouldn’t be nice of me to say such an absurdity) but bite into that ugly face known as pride.

The Buckeyes now go into a Bye week before heading to Northwestern on Oct. 18.