(photo courtesy @Brichards27)

The TTUN match-up @ Beekman Field on Friday past, 7:00 p.m., gave all in attendance the thrills and excitement routinely associated with an old-fashioned smash-mouth rugby throw-down – especially if you were rooting for the eventual winner. And that would be the case for The Ohio State University and their fans as they dominated the visiting Wolverines of TTUN 57-7.

TTUN would bounce on the scoreboard first with a line break off a Buckeye turnover. The conversion kick would be good and TTUN suddenly had a 7-0 lead after a mere five minutes into the match.

But the Buckeyes would win an ensuring restart with success on three phases before a Conor Forrestal grubber puts Vince Carso away in the corner. A splendid conversion by Forrestal suddenly evens it all 7-7.

The Buckeyes followed this up with wide phases resulting in a line break by Tim Vanderhoof, however a high tackle prevents any points.

The Buckeye’s quick tap on the penalty runs three phases before Ben Richards is under the posts. The conversion is good, and the Buckeyes move up in the score 14-7 after 17 minutes.

The Buckeyes turn of a TTUN line-out while working the ball wide before coming back over the middle where Ben Richards breaks away on a flashy dash for his second try. The kick is good. The Buckeyes increase their lead to 21-7 with 14 before the half.

The Buckeyes threaten yet again but TTUN forces a knock down close. They will clear off the scrum as TTUN marched in a threat as a result of several unnecessary Buckeye’s penalties. Though the Buckeyes squash the threat – it all appeared destined for another path.

OSU turnover another TTUN line-out with another “big” score just as time for the half neared its end. Vince Carso goes around the outside and under the posts. The kick is good, and the Buckeyes now add to their lead, 28-7, as both the Buckeyes and TTUN head into the half.

Returning from halftime Nate Heister finds Ben Richards who in turn locates Luke Downs with the offload of the season (fancy-smanchy – worthy of Rugby World recognition). Downs then drags defenders over the line, the kick is good, and the Buckeyes make the score 35-7.

OSU now pumping some iron – Noland Skelley gets into the scoring frenzy with a line break and stretches over the line for the try. The kick misses but it adds to their lead – OSU 40 TTUN 7.

The Buckeyes add another off a five-meter scrum, 8-man Nate Heister stretched for the line. The kick, in a crazy whirl, hits the posts. The Bucks lead climbs up to 45-7.

A few more half breaks transpire before Noland Skelley puts Gavin Gill away – however a completely unnecessary and dangerous close-line tackle delivers a penalty try. The Buckeyes go up 52-7 and were now up a man with 10 remaining.

Center Ryan Bradfield joins the scoring party following some heavy and hard running. The kick misses and the Buckeyes move it up 57-7.

TTUN manages a try with a couple nice offloads. Their kick would be good. The score is now 57-14 with the Buckeyes in the lead.

This would be the final, 57-14. The Buckeyes improve to 3-1 within the Big Ten and 6-1 overall. Next weekend at Beekman Field the Illini of Illinois comes to town for a scheduled battle. They are currently 4-2 in Big Ten play, following last Saturday’s win against Purdue, 36-20.