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The Buckeyes were in Bradenton, FL to co-host, with USF,  the Challenge at Concession. The tournament was played March 9 – 10. The event was a 54-hole tournament with thirty-six holes played on Monday and the final eighteen on Tuesday.


The course is the Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, FL.  It was set up at 7,470 yards and played to par 72. It has a slope of 77.6 and a rating of 155. This is the toughest course the Buckeyes have played this Spring. By comparison, my home course plays to 6,412 and par 71 with a slope/rating of 70.2/113. Clearly, we’re not playing the same game…


Play 5, count 4


This is a twelve team field. Below are the participants and their current Golfstat ranking:

Central Arkansas #183, Cincinnati #118, Cleveland State #223, Dayton #159, Florida Gulf Coast #252, High Point #154, Lamar #110, Michigan State #91, Ohio #249, Ohio State #87, South Florida #40


1. Felix Kvarnstrom
2. Patrick Schmucking
3. Grant Engle
4. Laken Hinton
5. Kevin Stone
Ind. Jackson Chandler
Ind. Jack Mancinotti
Ind. Justin Wick



The Buckeyes finished 5th in their inaugural appearance at the The Challenge @ the Concession. They had rounds of 319-305-308-932 (+68). Their second round was 2nd best of the day and enabled them to move up two positions on the leader-board to 5th place. On the surface, Ohio State’s score shouldn’t have them place that well, but this was a very tough venue. The field of 64 players barely broke 80, with an average score of 79.31.

The Buckeyes were led in scoring by Jackson Chandler’s 221 (+5). He was followed by Felix Kvarnstrom 227 (+11), Jack Mancinotti 231 (+15), Grant Engle 221 (+15), Laken Hinton 236 (+20), Patrick Schmucking 241 (+25), Kevin Stone 241 (+25) and Justin Wick 250 (+34).

In the 64 player field, Jackson placed T-3. Felix was T-7,  Jack and Grant were T-16, Laken was T-32, Patrick and Kevin were T-40 and Justin was T-56.

Buckeye Scoring

  7,470 yds 72 72 72    
Pos Challenge @ Concession Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 2 Total To Par
5 Team 319 305 308 932 68
T-7 Felix Kvarnstrom 79 76 72 227 11
T-40 Patrick Schmucking 81 81 79 241 25
T-16 Grant Engle 80 75 76 231 15
T-40 Kevin Stone 81 78 82 241 25
T-32 Laken Hinton 79 76 81 236 20
T-3 Jackson Chandler (I) 73 73 75 221 5
T-16 Jack Mancinotti (I) 80 78 73 231 15
T-56 Justin Wick (I) 82 78 90 250 34
  To Par 31 17 20   68
  Ohio State 79.38 76.88 78.50    
  Field 79.77 79.59 78.56  

Felix Kvarntrom


Felix played well, as you’d think with a top-10 finish. Despite struggling to get his game in gear in the first round, Felix had stretches of very solid play in the later two rounds. In the 2nd round, he had a thirteen hole stretch played at level par. In the 3rd round, he was -2 over an 11 hole stretch.

Felix had one of OSU’s two eagles and a team high (tie) 11 birdies. His 11 birdies tied for 2nd most in the event. Felix averaged 4.58 on the par-5s, T-1st in the field. He also averaged 2.92 on the par-3s, T-2 in the field.

Patrick Schmucking


Patrick had trouble dialing in low numbers at Concession. Probably the apex was his first round birdie of the 486 yard par-4 18th hole. It was the toughest hole in the tournament. Patrick’s birdie was one of only 5 on the hole. That’s a nice feeling. Sehr gut, Herr Schmucking.

Patrick had 5 birdies and 26 pars.

Grant Engle 


Grant had a Buckeye high 11 birdies and a Buckeye low 9 bogeys. He got tangled up a bit with a handful of double-bogeys, but if you finish in the top-20, things couldn’t have gone too badly. Grant had a nice eight hole stretch of -2 in the 2nd round, but generally, he was grinding with pars and offsetting doubles with birdies to keep the game under control.

Grant had 11 birdies (tie Buckeye high) and 26 pars. His 11 birdies tied for 2nd most in the event.

Kevin Stone


Kevin had a tournament almost identical to Patrick’s. He just couldn’t get any momentum going. One example was the 2nd round. He had a stretch of ten holes at -2, but it was book-ended by double-bogeys.

Kevin had 5 birdies and 27 pars.

Laken Hinton


Laken had an odd opening round. He was +7 for the round, but for 16 of the holes, he was a very solid +1. Round two was similar in that it had twelve holes of par-or-better with only two “uh-oh” holes.

Laken had 9 birdies and 25 pars.

Jackson Chandler (I)


Jackson was Low Buckeye for the tournament. He was just consistently good all three rounds. He pretty much was in 3rd place after each of his three rounds. He had the eagle, 2nd most (Buckeye) birdies and 2nd most Buckeye) pars. His opening round was fun; he was +1 through five holes, then played the next 10 holes in -4 to par.

Jackson had the other Buckeye eagle, 10 birdies and 28 pars. He was one of two Buckeyes not to have any score higher than a double bogey. His 10 birdies tied for 5th most in the event. Jackson averaged 3.00 on the par-3s, T-5th in the field. His 4.27 on par-4s placed him T-6th.

Jack Mancinotti (I)


Jack had the fewest Buckeye birdies but a field high 35 pars. He slow rolled his first two rounds, but put together a masterpiece for his final round, Jack finished with 2 birdies and 13 pars.

Jack had 4 birdies and a team high 35 pars. Jack’s 35 pars were the most in the field. He was the other Buckeye not to make anything higher than a double bogey. His average of 4.27 on the par-4s placed him T-6th in the field.

Justin Wick (I)


Justin simply couldn’t get anything going on the golf course. He had a respectable number of birdies, but also put up a lot of blue and black numbers,

Justin had 7 birdies and 21 pars. In a bit of a statistical oddity, Justin averaged a lower score on the par-5s (5.00) than on the par-4s (5.03). It was that kind of event.

We Have Statistics

Here’s the scoring summary (team play only):

R Eag Bir Par Bog +2 +3
1 0 10 41 31 6 2
2 0 15 48 15 10 2
3 1 16 37 26 8 2
Tot 1 41 126 72 24 6

Ohio State’s 41 birdies were 2nd in that category. Their 126 pars placed them 9th.

They played the par-3s to 3.25, +15 to par. They played the par-4s to 4.56, +84 to par and the par-5s to 4.95, -3 to par.

The field averaged 79.31 strokes per round. Ohio State averaged 78.39.


This was an interesting tournament. This was the toughest course the Buckeyes have played this Spring, and the scoring reflect that. The Buckeyes opened in a decent enough position after the opening round (7th).made their move in the 2nd round (5th and held serve in the final round.

Due to a Conference decision in deference to the COVID-19 crisis, this may be the last golf match of the season. Which means it’s also the final golf match of Jack Mancinotti’s, Justin Wick’s and Felix Kvarnstrom’s collegiate careers. I don’t know the foresight that Coaches Moseley and Smith had, but it was a brilliant move to get Jack and Justin on the course one more time. Well done.

Up Next

Hard to say. Due to current global, which can find a way to be local, health concerns, the remainder of the Spring schedule has been cancelled.