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Ohio State Golf: Buckeyes on Tour: Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

It was a somewhat busy weekend for Buckeye golfers. Emma Jandel made the weekend in a Symetra Tour event, Bo Hoag in a Korn Ferry Tour Event and Jessica Porvasnik in the Florida Women's Open. Korn Ferry Tour The Korn... Continue Reading →

BuckeyesOnTour: Yes, Yes, No

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,  Katja Pogacar,  Bo Hoag and Tee-K Kelly were all in action this past weekend. Well, that's not exactly true, see below... Ladies European Tour Katja Pogacar was in SP for the Estrella Damm Ladies... Continue Reading →

BuckeyesOnTour: Laboring on Labor Day

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,  Joey Sindelar, Ryan Armour, Bo Hoag and Emma Jandel were all in action this past weekend. Well, that's not exactly true, see below... Champions Tour Joey Sindelar was in Calgary, AB for the... Continue Reading →

BuckeyesOnTour: Sindelar, Armour and Hoag fill their Sundays…

(tournament information courtesy,  On the PGA'ish Tour, there were three Buckeyes in action this past weekend. They were; Joey Sindelar, Ryan Armour and Bo Hoag. Champions Tour Joey Sindelar was in the great Northwest to play in the played in... Continue Reading →

BuckeyesOnTour: Mixed Results, But In A Good Way

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,  There were five Buckeyes on their respective tours last week. They were; Joey Sindelar, Ryan Armour, Bo Hoag, Tee-K Kelly and Emma Jandel. Results were mixed. Champions Tour Joey Sindelar was in Endicott,... Continue Reading →

BuckeyeGolf: MC Hammer Edition…

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,  The 'MC Hammer' is Missed Cut, not this guy. Four Buckeyes teed it up on their respective tours; unfortunately, none of them made the cuts in their tournaments. PGA Tour Ryan Armour... Continue Reading →

BuckeyeGolf: Tournaments and Championships Edition

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,,,  Several Buckeyes were/are in action this past weekend and this week. Let's check in. Tour Bo Hoag was in Overland Park, KS for the KC Golf Classic. Bo had things... Continue Reading →

BuckeyeGolf: Spanning the globe…

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,  This past week, we had five Buckeyes in tournaments across several time zones. They were, Ryan Armour (The Open, Carnoustie, Scotland), Daniel Wetterich (The Porter Cup, Lewiston, NY) and Bo Hoag... Continue Reading →

BuckeyeGolf: Ides of July edition

(Image courtesy, tournament information courtesy,,,  A fair amount of action this past weekend. Seven Buckeyes were involved in significant golf activities this week. The dramatis personae are: Joey Sindelar (Champions), Bo Hoag ( Tee-K Kelly (Mackenzie),... Continue Reading →

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